5 secrets to prepare vegetables to maintain the highest nutritional value according to the Japanese version

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Vegetables are a daily food that people eat to help them excrete and maintain a healthy body from vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Let’s learn how to choose and prepare vegetables that Japanese people say will help the body get the full nutritional value from UFABET vegetables.

5 secrets to prepare vegetables to maintain the highest nutritional value according to the Japanese version

1. Choose red bell peppers instead of green bell peppers. 

Although green bell peppers are rich in nutrients. But red bell peppers and paprika have more nutritional value than green bell peppers. Because farmers harvest green bell peppers when they are not old. Unlike red bell peppers that are harvested when cooked, they are more nutritious.

Green bell peppers contain 76 mg of vitamin C and 400 micrograms of beta-carotene per 100 grams, while red bell peppers contain 170 mg of vitamin C and 940 micrograms of beta-carotene. But to get more nutritional value Red bell peppers are a good value for money choice.

2. Do not boil spinach for more than 1 minute.

Japanese people like to boil spinach to eliminate toxins that exist naturally. Before being cooked into various dishes such as Japanese salad or Aemono, boiling spinach in boiling water for only 1 minute is enough to remove natural toxins from the vegetables. and retain more nutrients It was found that boiling spinach for 1 minute retained 74 percent of the vitamin C content in spinach and boiling for 3 minutes retained only 52 percent of the vitamin C content in spinach.

3. Steam potatoes instead of boiling them.

Potatoes are rich in vitamin C and potassium, which are water-soluble nutrients. How to cook potatoes and eat them with soup will allow the body to absorb the nutrients from the soup. but if wanting to make a salad Steaming potatoes with the skin on helps retain nutrients better than boiling them. It was found that steaming whole potatoes for 40 minutes retained 74 percent of the value of vitamin C and approximately 96 percent of the values ​​of vitamins B1 and B2.

4. Eat whole carrots with oil.

Our bodies absorb beta compounds. The amount of carotene in carrots is low. Only about 10 percent can be absorbed from raw carrots, but the body can absorb about 60 percent of such substances from carrots that have been cooked with oil. Carotene is high in the peel. Eating carrots with the skin on helps the body absorb beta. carotene into the body even higher

5. Heat the ginger before eating.

Ginger is a warming herb. Because Shogaol (Shogaol) in ginger will help enhance good blood circulation. The amount of these compounds increases when ginger is heated. Eating fried or boiled ginger will make the body absorb more nutrients from shogaol than eating raw ginger.

In an era where things are more expensive The price of raw materials used to cook everyday menus has also increased. Instead of preparing according to the habit that causes the loss of nutrients from vegetables gone in vain Try different methods of choosing and preparing vegetables. See above.