Poker card set

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Arranging the cards is at the heart of poker , even if we have the best cards in hand. But if you can’t arrange a set I don’t understand the arrangement of the cards, that is, the end is like a chicken. So remember that playing this kind of cards, we have to do whatever we can to make our suit the best. The set of cards are sorted from highest to lowest points as follows UFABET.

Poker card set

Royal Straight Flush 

can be considered as a royal card set. Is the biggest card It consists of cards A, K, Q, J and 10, all 5 cards must be of the same suit. The chance of this card being formed is only 0.00015%.

Straight Flush 

is the second largest set of cards. There is a slightly better chance of occurrence is 0.0015%. This set of cards consists of 5 cards of the same suit.

Four of Kind 

is a set of 4 cards of the same face and the chance of playing this card is 0.024%.

Full house 

for this set of cards is considered quite difficult to arrange. Because there must be three cards of the same face plus the same faced pair of cards The chance of getting this set of cards is 0.14%. Which is considered quite frequent. For winning or losing, it starts with measuring the three card sets first. Then go look at the pairs of cards in order.


is a set of cards that do not need to be arranged in any way. Just have the same flower. But it is a card that has a chance to repeat with others. Because there is a chance to issue cards up to 0.2%. Therefore, cards must be used as a measure of card size.


is a 5-card rank card, regardless of which flower it is, but the rank is usable. In the event that the players have the same straight, the method of measuring the order of the order of who is higher will be used. (Ranking more points) The chance of this card being drawn is 0.39%.

Three of kind

 is a set arrangement where three cards must be of the same face (three cards) and the other two cards can be any cards. The chance of this card being drawn is 2.1% in case other players have the same triple card. The remaining cards will be used to measure the win or loss.

Two pair is a set of cards that consists of 2 pairs of cards. It is used to compare the first pair of cards first. If the result is still tied, look at the second pair of cards, the chance of two pair cards is up to 4.75%.

One pair . This set of cards doesn’t have much to think about. As long as you only have one pair of cards, that’s enough. It is the most frequent set of cards. Up to 42% chance of playing cards.

High Card is considered to be the lowest level card set in poker , meaning that the cards are arranged in points only. Most people don’t like playing with this set of cards. Because the chance of losing is very high, the chance of winning is just that no one on the table has a higher card than this. Or it has to be someone who is very skilled at tricking so that the person with the superior card throws his own card down.

From all the cards mentioned above, the card size can be summarized as Royal flush > Straight flush > Four of kind > Full house > Flush > Straight > Three of kind > Two pair > one pair > High card.