‘Dyche’ accepted the honor of being involved the best manager.

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Sean Dyche has admitted that it is a great honor for him to be mentioned in the shortlist for this season’s Manager of the Year award due to the different situations the club has had to deal with. Compete for a top four position like other top managers.

But after being able to lead the team to avoid relegation for sure. ทางเข้า ufabet The “Blue Toffee” coach was mention in the race for the best manager award this season.

Everton was penalize for points deducted twice. In the season, including a period of poor form, not winning as many as 13 games in a row, but in the end, this psychological coach was able to successfully lead the team to survive in the top league.

“It’s something I’m proud of the situations I’ve had to deal with this season,” Dyche said after the win against Brentford.

“That’s why it’s my best season as a manager. That’s because you guys don’t even know half the story. Some things we have to keep. There are some things we should keep away from us.”

When compared to his time managing Burnley, where he managed to win two promotions and take the team to the European stage, he added: “Both teams that’s different The expectations of both teams are different.

“Sometimes you have to deal with things that happen. I’ve had some, some players and some clubs.”