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What are varicose veins? Symptoms, treatment and prevention.

What are varicose veins? Symptoms, treatment and prevention.

What is varicose veins? Dr. Anita Nittiranon A doctor specializing in skin and laser treatment at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital stated that varicose veins (Varicose Veins) is a condition where the veins near the skin layer expand abnormally. until visible as a line resembling a spider’s web or seen

Think about things before going to bed. at the crucial time before bedtime Many people think about events that happened during the day. So avoid thinking about stressful things. If you think about it, think about the good things in each day. to make the brain feel relaxed, happy Fall asleep easily and stay asleep Read a book and watch a movie before going to bed. Many people have a hobby of reading books and watching movies before bedtime. Although many people think that it is a time to relax before going to bed. But be careful not to choose books or movies that make you feel excited, overthinking, or stressful, as this can wake up the brain and cause insomnia or restless sleep. In addition, continuous movies or series should be avoided as this will cause concern for the next episode. Many people may not realize how little routines can affect sleep quality. See if any of the above affects your readers' sleep. If effective, try to adjust and cancel. Getting a good night's sleep will improve productivity the next day. strengthen physical and mental health and help us not to age quickly

4 Things Japanese Experts Say You Shouldn’t Do Before Bedtime

In addition to insomnia Long-term insufficient sleep can negatively affect physical and mental health , making the skin rough and may lead to obesity. Japanese sleep experts advise against doing the following things before going to bed as they can affect the quality of deep sleep. Let’s know what’s there.