5 things you should never do before bedtime If you don’t want to sleep

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Insomnia can occur for many reasons. ranging from stress that disturbs the brain and mentally until unable to fall asleep to the surrounding environment that may not be conducive to sleep, such as the heat being too hot too much dust The light was so bright that it was too bright for the eyes. or too loud But if you want to fall asleep easier, here are 5 things you should never do before falling asleep. may make you unable to sleep Even if you don’t have any sleep problems.

5 things you should never do before bedtime If you don't want to sleep

5 things you should never do before bedtime If you don’t want to sleep

  1. Drink tea, coffee, and caffeinated beverages.

Resistance and perceived effects of caffeine are not the same for each person. Some people just drink green tea and stay awake all night. But some people drink 2 cups of strong coffee before bed and still fall asleep. However, caffeine has an effect on the brain. If you don’t want to fall asleep at the time you should sleep Until going to bed late at night and having to wake up dull in the morning Avoid caffeinated beverages before going to bed.

  1. exercise

Exercise stimulates all parts of the body. and seriously returned to work Whether in the part of the muscles, nervous system, including the work of other internal systems That has been activated as well, such as the digestive ยูฟ่าเบท system, excretory system, so if the various systems In this awakening body We probably won’t sleep for a long time, no matter how tired we are from exercising. what to do is Sit and rest to recover from tiredness, take a shower and then come back to sleep. Which will last a long time for sure

  1. have a meal

Eating makes the digestive system work. Especially if choosing spicy food. or spicy food the more the stomach and other digestive systems work harder and longer as well So if hungry in the middle of the night You should eat something that fills your stomach but is easy to digest like warm milk. a glass is enough


Many people may think that taking a shower will make us feel comfortable. and sleep easily But in fact Bathing wakes us up. Fresh and clear rather than feeling relaxed Even if the water in the shower is warm. If you want to relax and be comfortable before going to bed Should set aside 1-2 hours in advance so that it will be time for the body to really relax after taking a shower.

  1. sleep without sleep

falling asleep despite that there is no sleepiness at all, it does not help us sleepy It can make us even more anxious as to why we are unable to fall asleep. If lying down and still unable to fall asleep within 30 minutes, should get up and do activities that help relax the brain, such as listening to music that plays slowly and gently, turning off dim lights, etc. It is not recommended to play mobile phones, watch TV or read books. because it can cause the brain to be more alert