How many types of poker

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At this point, many people may understand that there is only one type of poker . But in fact, according to casinos. There are many types of poker cards to play the main ones being.

How many types of poker

Texas Hold’em

It is the most popular poker card game. The way to play is that the player. It is dealt only 2 cards plus 5 community cards. Whoever combines and arranges the cards with the best score wins and sweeps the pot home. Or will cause other players to discard.


In this type of poker. Players are dealt 4 cards with a total of 5 community cards. In order to mix 5 cards for the best possible score.

7/5 Stud

It is a poker card with no community cards to play. The method of playing. It is that the player is dealt 5 cards or 7 cards . Which have different playing methods as follows  UFABET. The player must arrange the highest number of cards in order to be the winner.

7 Stud will deal 7 cards divided into 5 rounds. There are ways to play as follows.

  • Round 1 deal 3 cards. The first two cards are face down. And turn over the 3rd leaf
  • Round 2 deal 1 more face up card.
  • Round 3 deal 1 more face up card.
  • Round 4 deal 1 more face up card.
  • Round 5 dealt 1 more card face down, now there are 7 cards in total.
  • After getting all the cards Players will choose only 5 cards from their hand to measure their points to determine the winner.

Mix Game Poker

It is a poker with additional rules added to it. There are currently 8 in total.

  1. Limit 2-7 Triple Draw
  2. Limit Hold’em
  3. Limit Omaha Eight or Better
  4. Razz
  5. Limit 7 Card Stud
  6. Limit Stud Eight or Better
  7. No Limit Hold’em
  8. Pot Limit Omaha