Basic terminology used in poker cards

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Although playing cards and poker at online casinos It will make it harder to read the player’s attitude. But sometimes there are also players who accidentally slip away. Just don’t understand the words they say in the playing cards at UFABET. So let’s see what terms we need to know. And if these words come out, what do we do?

Basic terminology used in poker cards
  • Button is a button in front of a player. That person will have the status of Dealer and this button will cycle to the other players clockwise.
  • Dealer refers to the position of the dealer or the dealer, but in online casinos Dealer players are dealt cards including being the last player in that round.
  • Hold cards refer to the cards that are dealt. The cards are placed face down so that other players cannot see them.
  • Big Blind (BB) refers to a player who is forced to place a full minimum bet on the table. regardless of whether the round will be played or not Assuming the minimum is 100 baht, the person who is Big Blind will have to place a bet of 100 baht immediately.
  • Small Blind (SB) means a player is forced to bet only half of the table’s minimum bet. Assuming the minimum is 100 baht, you must place a bet of 50 baht immediately.
  • Flop refers to the first 3 community cards paid by the dealer in the first round. in which all cards are dealt face up
  • Turn refers to the 4th community card from the dealer.
  • River refers to the 5th community card from the dealer.